Equal Justice Journal – July 13, 2015

Cubbies baseball!
Cubbies baseball!

Greetings, Access to Justice Enthusiasts, from my Idaho home!  I’ll never tire of writing that.  So unlikely, the places to which life escorts us.

I regret that Idaho has no baseball park as beautiful as the one featured above.  This picture of the newly-renovated Wrigley Field comes from ATJ kingpin Robert “Chicago Bob” Glaves.  Bob scored himself one outstanding seat for the weekend’s Cubs/White Sox battle.  I’m still getting used to that Jumbotron resting upon Wrigley’s decades-old foundations.  But as big-screen TVs go it sure ain’t bad.

Fo(u)r your consideration, before the ATJ news:

  • From Governing magazine: “An Urban Institute report…presents a detailed picture of how [income] inequality affects entire neighborhoods, showing stark disparities across communities within regions.”  I didn’t know what that last phrase meant, either.  The methodology focuses on larger metro regions, not just urban neighborhoods.
  • Legal advice from your electronic device: “Larry is a service from…Lawtrades…designed to give [subscribers] near-instantaneous legal help whenever [needed].  All you have to do is send Larry a text message…and you’ll get a personalized response, specific to your situation and where you are.  Larry is part automated and part human….” (Lifehacker)
    • Ed. note: with due respect to our flesh-and-blood Lawrences, they’re calling this thing “Larry”?!
  • “The upper level of the legal profession in the [U.S.] remains predominantly white and male. Underrepresented Americans can’t afford their so-called ‘equal justice under law.’ Law school costs are not going down.  Deborah Rhode explores these and other problems in her new book, ‘The Trouble With Lawyers,’ published this month.”  (National Law Journal)  Rhode is known by many in ATJ circles because of her research on pro bono.
  • “End of the corner office: D.C. law firm designs its new space for millennials,” from the Washington Post.  The profiled law firm is Nixon Peabody.

The ATJ news in very, very short:

  • FL high court: no bar dues hike to support legal aid
  • American Lawyer & Pro Bono Institute release their annual pro bono reports
  • More FL: welcome, Florida Justice Technology Center
  • More on the American Lawyer’s recent “Justice Gap” report
  • CT’s legal aid providers can no longer fund their poverty-law lobbying arm
  • Ropes & Gray secures pro bono class-action settlement, uses the funds to support more public interest work
  • ABA Center for Pro Bono’s recent blog series on business law pro bono
  • New reports from up north on serving self-represented litigants
  • Arkansas high court and ATJ Commission seeking comments on unbunding and use of unclaimed client funds
  • Five civil legal aid myths debunked
  • Don’t forget SCOTUS’s huge Fair Housing Act decision
  • Music!

The summaries:

Music!  Nice way to ease into Monday…


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