Law School Veterans Clinics “Are Like Rabbits Reproducing”

Happy Independence Day Weekend, folks.

Here’s a good thing from the National Law Journal: “[T]he number of law school clinics and pro bono projects addressing veterans’ unmet legal needs has exploded. A half-dozen such clinics existed when William and Mary began representing vets in 2008. Today, approximately 50 schools operate clinics or pro bono programs for veterans….

Late last year, 17 law schools formed the National Law School Veterans Clinic Coalition to share information and improve relations with the V.A. The American Bar Association’s House of Delegates last August passed a ­resolution urging all law schools to ­create veterans clinics.

Observers credit pressure on law schools to expand their clinic offerings, to give students practical experience. Second, waves of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan have boosted demand for legal assistance. Nearly 400,000 disability and pension claims were pending in late June, according to the V.A….  And military veterans are enrolling in law school and pushing administrators to help.”

Law schools join many other advocates for veterans and active duty personnel, including the National Veterans Legal Services Program,, and many others.  The ABA’s got a good veterans legal resources directory here.


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