Sunday Hiking: Coal Creek Trail, Targhee National Forest


Pretty, and pretty exerting 5-mile hike yesterday, originating at the Coal Creek trailhead.   Plenty of parking off of WY-22, just on the west side of the Teton Pass.  Coal Creek runs through the Jedediah Smith Wilderness, which is part of Targhee National Forest on the west side of the Teton Range.  (Targhee borders Grand Teton National Park.)

The Coal Creek trail was perfect for a 2.5-hour workout.  A lot of uphill as I ascended from the trailhead to a saddle-back ridge called the Mesquite-Coal Divide.  The hike offers a great mix of being under the forest canopy (there was gradually less of this as I ascended, including a nice aspen grove) and sloping mountain meadows.  Plenty of wildflowers.  Today was a warm, partly cloudy day.  Good hiking day, and I saw 5 other parties on the trip.  No woodland creatures though, which was a surprise.

Some pictures…

This way to the views...
This way to the views…
End of the line until more snow-melt. West side of Mesquite Coal Divide.


Well, the trail came to an abrupt, snowy end..  But the view was rewarding.



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