NYC Moves Toward Creating Unique “Office of Civil Justice”

From the Gotham Gazette, and as far as I know this is a first on the municipal level:

photo: wikimedia commons via David Monniaux.

“New York City is one step closer to having a new Office of Civil Justice. On Tuesday, the City Council’s Committee on Courts and Legal Services unanimously passed a bill that would create the office, to be tasked with assessing, coordinating, and helping reform the civil legal services available to low-income New Yorkers….

The bill, Intro. 736…is expected to sail through the full City Council Wednesday and be signed into law by Mayor Bill de Blasio in the coming weeks….

The office will be headed by a civil justice coordinator appointed by the mayor, and will assess the efficacy and capacity of existing civil legal provider programs. The city currently allocates tens of millions of dollars to provide civil legal services for those who cannot afford counsel. The civil justice office would also develop a five-year plan to ensure low-income New Yorkers have the access to the civil legal services they need.”


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