Points West…

I’ve labored for several minutes over what should be the first sentence of this first post on this new blog.  I’ve been saved by the weather.  It really is a dark and stormy night…

I’m a wandering public interest lawyer.  I’ve worked in or near the civil legal aid arena since getting out of law school (Temple Law School, a/k/a “The Harvard of North Broad Street”) in 2003.  Here’s more about me and what I hope to do with the blog.

The past few months have been a drag.  I ran into health troubles, and after some fits and starts in getting well I ultimately had to step away from my career.  It took a couple of aimless months to figure out a good next step.  But I got it sorted out in April.  So, after stints in Philly (I grew up there, but also practiced law until 2005), DC (2005-13), and Chicago (2013-last week), the next step is, naturally, Driggs, Idaho.  Driggs!

Driggs is nestled right up on the Rocky Mountains, just over the mountain pass from Jackson, Wyoming.  It’s a starkly pretty place, and it’s got just what I need right now: a bunch of breathtaking natural beauty and a whole lot of space.  It’ll be a good place to think about next steps, professionally and personally.

What this blog will be: I miss the legal aid community already.  I’ve worked with those rascals for almost 15 years.  So I’ll use this blog to stay current – and to keep others current, too – on news and developments.  I’ll also broaden the scope to include related public policy goings-on.  And I’ll blog about this new life in the mountains: hikes, runs, pictures, people, adventures.  And music.  And Philadelphia Phillies baseball.

This seems right for new starts:


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